Cherrytree Support Services
'Cherrytree' began life in 1863 as an orphanage, it has throughout the years adapted its charitable purposes to providing accommodation and support to homeless young people between the ages of 16 and 21.
In 2003 the company Cherrytree Support Services Ltd. was created to manage the day to day activities of providing the support and accommodation, employing staff and managing the various contracts and management agreements necessary for the organisation to function.
Cherrytree - Mikley Lane
Mickley Lane, which is a relatively modern building, situated at Mickley Lane, Totley, Sheffield. The project can support up to 20 young people. The buildings and land are owned by the charity 'Cherrytree' and the company act as landlords to the service users.
Cherrytree - Granville Road
Granville, situated on Granville Road, Sheffield, is a large Victorian style house which can accommodate a further 8 young people. These premises are owned by South Yorkshire Housing Association and the company manage the licence agreements on behalf of the association.
Staff cover is provided on a 24 hour basis at both sites, providing support to our young people which is aimed at providing them with the necessary skills and confidence to secure and sustain their own independent accommodation.
Accommodation rents are charged to the Benefits Agency or Social Services where applicable and ensure that the housing management, maintenance and all other aspects of providing accommodation in line with the Houses in Multiple Occupation legislation can be achieved.
The organisation holds contracts with the Local Authority Housing Independent Service to provide housing related support services to the young people it accommodates and receives an annual grant for doing so. This allows for the provision of staff cover 24 hours each day and the provision of key workers to support and encourage young people to achieve their goals in line with the support plans created for each service user.
In addition to the above two sources of public funding, the charity also receives donations and the dividends from its trust fund. These monies provide the opportunity for young people to engage in activities which would not be available from public funding e.g., the provision of a specialist young persons counsellor, training courses and other recreational and educational activities.
Charity Commission Reg. No 1096822

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